Save the Date, MTC23: Opportunity, 12.06.23

The theme of this year’s Margaret Thatcher Conference is Opportunity. Which is fitting, because opportunity was at the heart of the society that Margaret Thatcher wanted to build. I was able to start a company, which grew and thrived, because she believed that people like me should have the chance to do so - and benefit the country, and our society, in the process.

Today, however, opportunity feels like it is in retreat. In particular, the scales are tilted against the younger generation - who find themselves paying ever higher taxes, ever higher childcare bills, and ever higher rental payments rather than having the opportunity to get a home of their own and build a better life. For entrepreneurs, the burden of tax and regulation seems to grow and grow.

So how can we revive opportunity? How can we give more people the chance to fulfil their potential? That question is at the heart of the work of the Centre for Policy Studies. And it will be at the heart of our discussions at this brilliant conference today.

On behalf of the City of London Corporation, may I welcome you to Guildhall in the centre of the historic Square Mile for the Centre for Policy Studies’ Margaret Thatcher conference. 

As the Nation builds towards the next general election, all political parties will be looking to persuade the public that they have a clear vision for the future. So today, we’ll hear discussions across a range of important policy areas that will shape the debate, from the economy to education, skills to social mobility. 

The golden thread that unites these vast portfolios is ‘opportunity’ – the theme of this conference. Given the current cost-of-living and wider economic challenges, people will be asking what opportunities – in home ownership, in business, in learning – are open to them. For the sake of our economy and our future, it is vital that our leaders can provide the answer. 

Enjoy the conference.